About Gudvangen Development group

For almost two decades in Gudvangen, a Viking marked has been held every summer. Now in its place a permanent village has been built. The construction started in august 2016 the first part of the town was opened May 31st, 2017. 
The Viking village is a place for memorable experiences, learning and fun activities. A place where you can interact with people re-enacting the past, all in accordance to historical elements. 

The Village is named «NJARDARHEIMR»

"Njardarheimr" means the home dedicated to the northern god Njord. The entire concept has been named “Viking Valley”. It will be a living cultural historical site built thematically as a Viking village. Here the captivating stories of the Vikings and the era will be retold without the typical museum experience, but through a real life viking experience.



  • The village consists of more than 1500 m2 buildings.

  • The town used more than 500 m3 of timber in its construction.

  • The carvings are all based on Viking Age findings, but with our own design.

  • The houses were built with experience form previous Viking reconstructions, but adapted to GUAS’s needs and local material.

  • The ironworks from hinges and locks are all hand made by a blacksmith with life-long experience with the craft.

  • Paint used in the decorations throughout the village is all authentically made. An example would be ox blood paint.

  • The construction of the village only utilises materials that would be found throughout the fjord. Examples being peat and shingle like in the old stave churches.

It is our ambition to create a Viking village of high quality.


The team behind the development of "NJARDARHEIMR"

From the left:

  • Steen Bjerg Architect & Construction Manager

  • Frode Tufte Concept Developer & CEO of GUAS

  • Torill Hylland Chairman of GUAS

  • Johnny Steensen Project Coordinator

  • Bernd Hobohm Designer


About Gudvangen Development AS (LTD) (GUAS) 

  • GUAS is a locally owned development company with a goal to develop the settlement and business in the Nærøy valley.

  • The owners of GUAS already generate a combined revenue of over 150 million NOK a year in local businesses.