Opening hours and prices

Opening hours

10:00 to 18:00 all days, all year


  • Adults NOK 200,-

  • Children age (4-15) NOK 98,-

  • Children under the age of 4 accompanied by adults are permitted free access.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

We offer the following products in VIKING VALLEY

Viking valley will be a place to experience the Viking Age, participate and learn through interactions with people, all in accordance with historical elements.

We offer:  : The Viking Experience, Explore & Learn, A Taste Of The Viking Age & VIP packages. Read more about this on here or book now.

Your path to the Viking Valley


The Viking market in Gudvangen has been a tradition every summer for almost two decades, now at last a permanent Viking town has been built. You will find map and address bellow. 
Address: Njardarheimr, N-5747 Gudvangen.


PARKing, BUSS & boats


  • Parking spaces are situated in front of the town.

  • Electric cars: there are two available charging stations in close proximity.

BUSS & boats

  • The port and bus stops are in walking distance of Njardarheimr.




All these are in walking distance of Njardarheimr:


Information for wheelchair bound 

  • The entire town is easily accessible for wheelchairs.

  • All shows and most activities are accessible for wheelchairs.

  • Note! The smaller houses are historically inspired, with high thresholds they are sadly not suited for anyone with movement disabilities.

  • Necessary personal aid are permitted free access when providing papers.

  • Toilets designated for wheelchair users are situated close to the entrance.

Have any more questions? We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


What is included in my ticket?

-The Viking Experience,
-Explore & Learn (some activates may charge minor fees)

Is a visit to the village suited for minor children?

-Yes! Njardarheimr fits all ages.

Do i have to buy tickets online?

-No, tickets are also sold at the entrance.

May i bring my dog inside the grounds?

-No, we apologize, but pets are not allowed inside the village.

Is it possible to momentarily step outside the park?

-Yes, of course! Should you wish to retreve something in your car etc, just inform us at the gates and we will provide you with a stamp.

Is there an ATM in Njardarheimr?

-No, unfortunately, but credit cards are accepted throughout the village.